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When this was first airing on Toonami all I cared about was the lightsaber stuff. Ayeka is a rival of Ryoko for Tenchi’s affections. This could quite possibly explain the boy’s fascination with the cave. Ryo-Ohki also served the role of mascot for Pioneer Entertainment before that division of Pioneer Corporation became Geneon. Her powers are still similar to the other two series, except we never see her fling energy blasts.

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Nov 13, 3, She cares for Seina deeply and would fight to protect him from further harm. When a plan to convert spiritual energy from Tokyo’s five-color Fudo shrines to generate enough Jurai power to recapture Kain fails, Washu sends the dimensional cannon, a weapon with enough destructive power to raze entire galaxies. Kagato is initially surprised, as the power from Tsunami that allows Light-Hawk-Wings ryyoko be created has been cut off from the rest of the universe, but he tecnhi realises that these Wings come from within Tenchi himself and do not rely on any connection to Tsunami.

Ryoko was clearly the better choice for Tenchi

Kiyone celebrated when she thought Mihoshi died. Tsunami-kami-sama, along with her sisters Washu -kami-sama and Tokimi -kami-sama, were in existence before time and space began, and have spent at least trillions of years working towards locating a certain individual, a being who was as powerful compared to them as they are to ordinary beings, presumably created them as an experiment, just as they created all of the rest of existence — and as such outside of and greater than even the hyperdimensional space that they inhabit.

In episode 9, ‘Sasami and Tsunami’, Tsunami appears as a 3D image and says that her form is Sasami’s adult form. When Seina’s bad luck was found to have an effect of attracting space pirates, the G. Shank is a member of the dreaded Daluma Guild, but the terror the organization holds over the galaxy is nothing compared to that wreaked by Shank. It is unknown exactly when or how Tsunami-fune was created, but it is estimated to be between and years ago. Clay had later placed his seal his personal logo on the female Kagato, which prevented her from completely merging with Noike, which in turn allowed Z to spy on the Masakis through Noike’s eyes.


Minor disasters often occur in his presence, and anyone near him stays a good distance away from him. Washu later sent an analysis robot to analyze Sakuya Kumashiroas she suspected that Sakuya might be some factor in Yugi’s plan, which proved to be true when the scan showed that Sakuya was a shadow of Yugi.

Eventually, they were forced to crash-land on Earth after Washu detected great energy emitting from the planet. Ryoko Balta is also a shape-shifter, and she often used this power to infiltrate Galaxy Police posts to gain information. Ryoko was the hands down the best character in that show. An old reading of aeka is “willowy,” or “requiring the assistance of a man. She also expresses romantic feelings for Tenchi, feeling that he would be better off with a law abider like herself than with the others, though this may have just been to goad Ryoko to come back to Earth.

After this, Kagato, with the help of an enslaved Ryoko, went on a 5,year crime spree that gained him his reputation. With some help from Ayeka, Washu discovered the ruins to which Ayeka had been previously with Tenchi were actually a prison meant to hold Yugi, as she had been imprisoned for nearly destroying Jurai 3, years ago. Sometime after his arrest, Tokimi’s servant D3 modified the memories of both Clay and Zero while being merged with Ryoko?

The romanization of her name in the English productions is “Ayeka” instead of “Aeka” to clarify its pronunciation for Western viewers ah-eh-ka. Ten Wings represent the maximum force that can be generated at any one point in our dimensions. Kenshi briefly refers to her as “Washu-nee” when he talks about the medicine he gives to Ulyte, which means Washu could be one of Kenshi’s sisters in law. Ryoko is generally less powerful than in the OVA, as the bounty hunter Nagi who has no superhuman powers at all is able to fight her on at least equal terms.


Her character differs depending on the continuity, though she sometimes displays a number of innate powers which she rarely uses, preferring to solve problems with reason or technology. In fact, Amane had trained Misao, and she still refers to the boy as “Rookie”. Despite warnings made by the castle’s attendants, year-old Ayeka launched the young, underdeveloped ship to fend Ryoko’s attacks.

I still remember getting heated as a kid when Tenchi treated Ryoko like shit in Tenchi in Tokyo. This was in response to Ryoko’s attack on Jurai years before, where she easily smashed through Jurai’s defense network and no ship lower than a second-generation could defend against her. Do the movies hold up?

Ryoko was clearly the better choice for Tenchi | ResetEra

The following major characters were introduced in the Tenchi Muyo! She had asked Tenchi to help her out in duplicating her mind into the robot, but Mihoshi had also entered the lab, and somehow left a single strand of her hair into the transfer apparatus.

However, she only resorts to physical aggression with Ryoko, and even these fights have diminished over time. While Seina was visiting Tenchi back on Earth, Amane, Kiriko, Ryoko Balta, and Neju, who was visiting at the time, worked at the Tehchi supermarket, where they were worked until exhausted.

For almost 15, years, the two would research the power of Washu’s gems and ancient archaeological remnants, determined to unlock their full potential. Her appearance and powers remain roughly the same, except that Oryo has normal human ears.