The heroes are larger than life, and you are treated to a tale of a boy maturing into a man, weaved into a complex plot full of mystery and suspense. The first issue is more of a personal gripe than an issue with the novel itself. Sep 24, Becky B rated it liked it Shelves: Eu, Weylan, nu inteleg. Talions are the guardians of the realm, they exist to provide military aid or prevention but are autonomous in their power, no single government controls them. A fantasy story about a Justice who is sent on missions to bring justice that alternates between chapters from his youth and training and then chapters in the present on his missions. The main character in this book is a Talion.

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If you are interested in a good read, buy the book, if you are interested in DIRECTLY employing an excellent author, buy the book, if you’d like to show talion revenant big publishing houses the talion revenant of the future, buy the book.

Am mai incercat pe la jumatate sa citesc un capitol din editia in romana: Sep, at 1: If you are tired of reading trilogies and you want a solid single-volume fantasy to read, this one is excellent.

Return to Book Page. Revenant is that it originally was not published because it was to long for an unknown author. Revenant by Michael A. Tymon’s Flight Mary Victoria 9. The author is offering to do a sequel. It’s talion revenant so of how the author choose to tell the story that trended towards that YA category.


The pacing was just weird. The more current part of the story is his mission to prevent the death of a king he despises due to his invasion of the country Nolan lived in as a child and the death of his family at the hands of those invaders. If it were made into a movie, the battle scenes would earn the film an R rating.

Nov 28, John rated it really liked it.

Talion: Revenant Disscussion Forum

I’m kind of surprised this book talion revenant gotten more notice. This is a swashbuckling sword and sorcery tale with lots of heart, an interesting world and a protagonist with all the right morals. But first he must survive cruelty, chains and the bitter waters of the Shattered Sea itself. It was my first novel and one of which I am very proud. However, the ending left me disappointed a little confused.

This book was a home run. The man he is sworn to protect is the man who butchered his family.

Talion: Revenant by Michael A Stackpole

Stackpole has already talion revenant on his website that if he can make enough sells on the ebook version that he would take This is one of my favorite books. I have to say over all the book is extremely well done and comes off as a solid history of the character and how he stands now.

I know audiobooks are VERY convenient for me, and a lot of us who live very busy lives. Stackpole has added to this epic. The novel begins with Nolan, an talion revenant Justice, hunting down the thief Morai and his various lackeys. Justices–the select of the Talion, endowed with fearsome magick and lethal martial skills–roam the Shattered Empire, crushing the lawless and championing the oppressed.


Tradusa cuvant cu cavant, fara adaptare, iar o parte zici ca e facuta cu Google Translate. A fantasy story about a Justice who is sent on missions to bring justice that alternates between chapters from his youth and training and then chapters in the present on his missions. Make it more of a grey area situation, you know? The premise of the novel definitely got me interested but I had a slight feeling that it would cater more to the YA genre, which I wouldn’t like at all.

View all 5 comments. There were times I was heavily invested, and just as many times where my eyes were glazing over. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Most of those reviews must have been written by the author or friends talion revenant – or perhaps teenagers moving on from Talion revenant and R.

I wished they would have covered this part a bit more in the description only because of how the plot and characters unfold. Before one can become a Justice, they must be at least adequate in the skills of other divisions and go through a grueling training regimen.