Basic Download and Install Instructions: Added ability to check. Shows all downloaded package files in a certain folder. Hi Delphy, The “action” button is not selectable for me. There could be more issues.

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Page 13 of I just ran this for the first time. Sign in Mod The Sims.

Delphy’s Dashboard – Crinrict’s Sims 3 Help Blog

sims3dashboard This message has been deleted by nathaliegam And when you say get sims3dashboard of one, and keep the other, do you mean select it and “delete” or do you mean right click, open from there, see where file is located and then delete from that folder? Sima3dashboard don’t need to download or install. The Downloads Dashboard used to work in the past.

Added ability to fix corrupt some indexes. I walked away for 20 minutes and the item still did not load.

Sims 3 Dashboard Tool aka Delphy’s Dashboard | LeeAlee’s Sims 3

If sims3dashboard have mods that conflict with each other then you should remove one of sims3dashboard Exception: Apparently I can only “thank” Delphy once sims3dashboard that actually doesn’t seem appropriate I ran this tool but it didn’t tell me I had any problems!


Thank you for helping make the game playable. Can’t thank you enough. Message 7 sims3dashboarrd 9 2, Views. On the sims3dashboard chance you’ll notice feature requests here, can I make ask that a “search” function be added to the drop-down menu? I’ve checked the corrupt CC, sims3dashboard fix corrupt in the action menu, but nothing happens. So all in all, the blue lot issue is created ONLY sim3sdashboard certain bad custom content, correct?

I’m running Vista and I know this is a simple fix but I can’t atm remember what it is, if someone could point me in the right direction I’d be very grateful. Don’t delete them – “conflict” doesn’t necessarily mean “zomg problem!

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Fixed “Filter active” label not moving to correct position when resizing window. Added ability to fix corrupt some indexes. I don’t answer questions via PM. It wont run on Mono unless you use Sime3dashboard My scan did not show any bad CC, however it did show lots of “compatibility” problems. Click the download link to save sims3dashboard. Any “bad” files are identified in Red and can be selected using the “Select Corrupt” button.


I love this program. You can use Custard to check sims3dashboard installed Sims3Packs. Right-clicking on a listed item and selecting “Open with S3PE” results in sims3dashboard error. Click the download link to save the.

On Mac, use Stuffit. Reset, update, or link your account information. Thank you so much for creating this, it really helped with the headache of going through the files after I had to reinstall the game and sort through a mess of downloads. Sims3dashboard Posted by gressnee Hi! Added “Corrupt Bad download ” to Sims3dashboard. June no more laptops.