Tag along as our spooky patriots give you a tour of the greatest horror settings from around the U-S-of-A. M is the Music Editor for Bloodygoodhorror. On the flip side, the band’s version of Free’s “All Right Now” is a favorite of my childhood and is capable of eliciting a corner-of-the-mouth smile. Puddle of Mudd deserves some credit for not sacrificing the integrity of this album to the insatiable gods of marketability. Home Gear Factor Lists.

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The band purposely laid down rediecovered track in few takes to emulate the live feel of recordings from the past. Check It Out Best of Whether you’re a dusty Baby Boomer or a filthy Millenial, reciscovered no doubt appreciate Andrew’s look back into the best horror TV shows since the ‘s.

The featured solos have plenty of gusto perhaps even a little too much and the addition of female backing vocals and an old organ give the end of the song a fairly rousing send off. Puddle of Mudd deserves some credit for not sacrificing the integrity of this album to the insatiable gods puddle of mudd rediscovered marketability. Now, Puddle of Mudd are taking their sound a little further back by paying tribute to acts like the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.

Failing that formula, covers can be well-executed and precise, but ultimately only shadows of the iconic rendering. Swirling rediscpvered — check.


PUDDLE OF MUDD – re(disc)overed

One Thursday a month, Sophie lays out the rules for a horror film drinking game! Cover songs can be a tremendously difficult wire to walk. This is even more true when covering songs that are beloved in the eyes of the general public in their original incarnation.

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Re: (Disc)overed – Puddle of Mudd | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Sign me up for the Loudwire Newsletter. Kudd somehow, they manage to record version of this timeless classic which is surprisingly enjoyable in its own way. No personally identifiable information is gathered. Choir of backing vocals — check.

However, it works well enough all things considered. The guys also work in a bit of youthful hard rock edge — just a touch — to make the track fit on modern rock airwaves. Tag along as our rediscovred patriots give you a tour rediscoverred the greatest horror settings from around the U-S-of-A. Since Puddle of Mudd began life as a bunch of post-grunge Nirvana wannabes with a strong connection to Fred Durstthe idea of them recording a covers album made up of mostly seventies rock classics is a little baffling.

He’s on a mission to convince his wife they need puddle of mudd rediscovered badger as a household pet.

PUDDLE OF MUDD – re(disc)overed | Real Gone

Naturally, Wes Scantlin is no Paul Rodgers so it falls down a little ie: No matter how earnest the attempt, if a cover too closely mirrors the classic, then the cover is brushed under the rug. M is the Music Editor for Bloodygoodhorror. Puddle of Mudd’s “Re disc overed” falls largely into that latter category, which is disappointing because it is easy to glean from the recording how much admiration puddle of mudd rediscovered the classics that Puddle of Mudd possesses.


By only picking songs composed beforethe band shows who and what their most heartfelt influences are. Puddle of Mudd, ‘Re: Join the entire podcast and website crew as we break down our personal Best and Worst lists from a very diverse year in horror! Share on Twitter Share on Facebook.

He tries to avoid bands with bodily functions in the name and generally has a keen grasp of what he thinks sounds good and what doesn’t. Home Gear Factor Lists. Click here for official rules. The calculus for effective cover songs throughout history has been more or less set in stone. The easy equation truly has only three permutations wrapped around a central constant: