With the kid thing there’s all these little subtleties that we’re realizing as a band, like, “Don’t smile too much! So we kind of took what we learned from doing the “Happy Feet Two” videogame, which is it all had to be dance music, basically, and the subject matters of the PBS kids. It also encourages the child to learn how to swim. With Non-Stop, Ozomatli continues creating music for entire families and communities. Is she a good audience for you, testing out ideas?

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Wil-Dog ozokidz out a blast on FB lzokidz Twitter. How would you describe the Ozokidz sound and album? But ozokidz you’re playing for 2-year-olds, oozokidz you go nuts, you ozokidz scare ’em! I think that’s with adults as well. With the kids show, for us it’s less about, “Look at us as musicians,” and more about “Look at you! All of our kids are a definite inspiration and our guinea pigs to see what will work before jumping into a live audience.

August 27, By Reed Johnson. If she starts singing it back, then I know it’s cool. And I went on Facebook and I was going ozokidz “paper” the night and just give away tickets. Over the weekend, we spoke by phone with Ozo bassist Wil-Dog Abers about the new project and the art of channeling your inner ozo,idz when you’re ozokidz middle-age musician with children of your own.


So our drummer, Mario, was like, “We should do a kids album! We’ve got your questions answered!

Ozomatli’s new “Ozokidz” album isn’t just child’s play – latimes

I know that other guys in the band did listen to kids music, and ozo,idz concern ozokida, “It can’t be cheesy. If you’ve ever attended an Ozomatli concert, you know it’s sort of like being swept up in a Disneyland parade for adults. It ozokidz encourages the child to learn ozokidz to swim. At the same time all this was happening, PBS hit us up, just by chance, to write five songs for their PBS kids commercials.

The response was interesting. The band catapulted to the ozokidz of the live music scene with its first eponymously titled album.

But we still need that in our lives as well, to have a voice, to have power, to be part ozokidz something, to be a part of the show. Prior to paying respects to the classic Latin catalogue, Ozomatli was creating its own ozokidz adored by fans and critics alike. And we realized that ozkidz could do this too. Is she a good audience for you, testing out ideas?

We also always invite the youngest members ozojidz our audience under 12 up on stage ozokidz play percussion and jump around with us during the last song of the set. Ozokidz what our Ozokidz shows are about? To be honest with you, I don’t have any memories of listening to children’s music, other than watching “Sesame Street” and “The Muppet Show. We’ve got ozokidz be able to have fun and have the audience up. Since its inception ininnovation and creativity have defined Ozomatli.


Join or Log Into Facebook. What are some of your favorite songs on the new album that fans ozokidz look forward to?

Ozomatli’s new ‘Ozokidz’ album isn’t just child’s play

ozokidz So there’s this fine line of figuring out who your audience is that day. Here’s an edited transcript of the conversation. Then we just started doing more research about the kids’ community in music and saw They Might Be Giants, who we had no idea was even doing this music.

Ozomatli has always brought people and cultures ozokidz with their music and that is exactly what this album embodies, merging Jamaican influences with Mexican roots to lend ozokidz original Ozo sound to songs we all know. Did you have memories from your childhood of what makes kids music good or bad? So why a kids album? February 15, at 1: