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The Blood War Place: Using poison that kills extremely quickly and silently, the champion signaled to Lorash which targets were safe to attack without being noticed. Genn refused and carried both the night elf child and Mia, determined not to lose either of them. Varok Saurfang ordered siege weapons to fire covering fire while the Horde tried to swim across the river. At that moment, Tyrande Whisperwind arrived. The night elven fleet had finally returned.

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As Tyrande arrived on the scene, she questioned why Saurfang would not kill Malfurion, to which he felt he did not deserve to due to his dishonorable actions. Following the Burning of Teldrassil, Lor’danel remained a battlefield. With the emergence of AzeriteWarchief Tteldrassil Windrunner feared that the Alliance would use it to build powerful weapons, which they would sooner or later turn upon the Undercity luve Silvermoon Citybefore their gaze fell upon Kalimdor.

The Horde started by sending Horde rogues to attack night elf patrols and outposts in Ashenvale. After the battle, Darnassus and Teldrassil are no longer available to players. While Saurfang diverted the troops, he sent the champion to Lorashthe operative outside Astranaar, for further instruction.

While helping trapped citizens escape and assisting the fight at Lor’danel, Malfurion and Sylvanas locked in one-on-one combat once more.

The champion met with the Banshee Queen to inform her that Astranaar had been secured. Tyrande chose the former, hearthing both herself and Malfurion back to Stormwind buring a hearthstone given to her by Burninb Wrynn, while Saurfang went to join Sylvanas on the beach of Darkshore.


War of the Thorns

In the mean time, Horde soldiers did their best to hold their ground. Horde forces had gathered at the Zoram’gar Outpost.

By staying out of sight, the town wouldn’t even know it was under attack before all of its guards were down. The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.

Her troops and herself had been rooted by Malfurion, and she had engaged in a ranged duel with the druid. The Horde forces immediately started attacking night elf defenders at the Master’s Glaive.

Dalaryn, Anaris’ successor and now commander of Ashenvale’s defense, sent Sentinel Eriadnar to warn Malfurion Stormrage of the Horde invasion while she and Ashenvale’s defense force hold off the coming army.

The wall would slow them down, but it would not halt their attack entirely. Delaryn explained that she grieved for Sylvanas, for she had made life her enemy, and that was a war she could never win; that she could kill her people, but she could never kill hope.

Malfurion sent adventurers to put a stop to it, while Sylvanas sent adventurers to repel the night elves and secure the oil. The orcs were slain as they tried to pass through it. The Horde had to stay the course for now. Lorash lit a bonfire that burned with purple smoke and rose above the trees to signal the others to begin their assault.

The night elves could not let the Horde retrieve, and weaponize, all of the mineral, and set out to collect as much as possible, [20] while killing the Horde forces present. Champions were sent to the Twilight Vale to find the druids present and send them to the Ancients’ protection. He regretted his action.


The druid believed that it was only a teldrasssil of time before the Horde broke through and attacked from both sides. A squadron would be ready to burbing if they managed to break ground.

The attack nearly succeeded — the Horde soldiers were taken by surprise and Malfurion had summoned an overgrowth to crush the inn that he had pursued Saurfang to; burying Saurfang in the inn’s collapsing rubble. With both factions debilitated in their ability to reinforce Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdomsthe Horde came up with a plan to secure Kalimdor and elicit a political crisis in the Alliance that would lead to its downfall.

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With the forest in distress and the wisps occupied, now was the time to strike. Both forces tried to deal with each threat. Teldrassil’s surviving population has moved to Stormwind and Azuremyst Isle. About Wowpedia Love Mobile view. Delaryn asked adventures to guide a tree of life to inflict massive damage to the Horde. In Buning, Saurfang and his guard Morka Bruggu uncovered a night elf provocateur disguised as high ranking Forsakenand dispatched him.